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Unlike videotape which degrades over time, your wedding DVD is guaranteed to last forever, so you can be sure it will be preserved perfectly for generations to come. No more worrying about someone recording over your wedding video...

Instead of fast forwarding to a specific spot on your video, a DVD lets you skip right to a specific point, bypassing all of the video in between. Your wedding DVD menu will list "chapters," which are the places you want to be able to skip to, (cermony, vows, reception etc). By pressing the menu button on your DVD's remote, you will be able to access your menus and move to the exact spot you want.

Your DVD contains true AC-3 Dolby Digital sound and is "region-free" so that you can send your copies to relatives around the world!

Check out a sample of a DVD menu
containing full motion backgrounds,
thumbnails and music of your choice...


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