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Won't the cameramen be obtrusive and disruptive?

I have heard horror stories of bright lights during the ceremony and videographers stepping right up between the minister and the couple. The kindest compliment anyone ever gave me was "I never even saw you all day". I make every effort to record your wedding unobtrusively and tastefully, using no lights at the ceremony, remaining stationary and silent throughout, and using a documentary style in all of the taping.
How should I choose a videographer?
Price plays a key role in determining your selection of professionals, and there is a photographer and videographer for every budget. After determining your spending limit, then you can begin to evaluate your professionals for quality, experience and compatibility. Some companies use 3-4 cameras, lighting equipment, large extension microphones etc which can make your wedding look more like a television studio than a romantic wedding. I use a single tripod-mounted video camera and a stationary wide-angle remote camera. I am so discreet, you hardly know I am there.


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